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5 on friday

1.The girls got the cutest owl shirts from Target last week. Grandma thought her granddaughters needed some warmer clothes. Go for it Grandma, no arguing here! Look at my big girls sportin’ their shirts! I love the colors of the shirt and the owl print. I know some Chico girls that would be pretty fond of this shirt as well:) If only it came in a bigger size!

2. A wonderful friend of mine sent this CD to us this week. She ordered one for her family and unknown to her when you order one you get a free one to share with a friend. Well lucky me, because we are all enjoying the songs. It is Bible verses in songs. And it’s not cheesy, 80’s music that I have found before but really good music. So know we are rockin’ out to bible songs and memorizing them too!
3. Brian and I are fans of the band Arcade Fire. Their new album, The Suburbs just came out and it did not disappoint. If you are looking for some good music to have on in the background at home or in the car The Suburbs by Arcade Fire is a good choice.

4. I just learned a friend of mine from Ohio University has her own custom bakery called The Pink Apron (love the name) and her work is adorable! I love her creativity and detail. I have not had an opportunity to eat these yummy treats but I’m guessing they are as tasty as they are cute. I am thinking of ordering something for 2 little girls who are turning 3 in a couple weeks. Here is her facebook page with tons of pictures and she ships too!

5. Brian and his blogference team produced a podcast this week that you can find on iTunes. Check it out. I am so proud of Brian and the work he is doing on the Blogference . He is always one step ahead of the game and thinking in unique ways that subtly attracts attetnion. I like that.


And that my friend has been our week in a nutshell.

Happy weekend!

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