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5 on Friday

number 51. this week mason and i started reviewing school stuff. i was surprised how much he remembered. i’m still not quite sure how i will do “school” this year. until we get settled into our new place it will be a little up in air. but we are both eager to start. he is so sweet when he is learning something new. i love his determination and his joy when he “gets it”. which reminds me i am looking for new kid learning websites for mason. we are both getting tired of what we use now. any new suggestions out there?

2. one day this week i enjoyed an evening to myself thanks to my thoughtful parents. words cannot describe how much i needed time alone. time to just sit. think. read. browse. write. dream. plan. quietness. peace. refreshing. definitely a highlight of my week.
3. it’s the fair week! did you know that? this may be a surprise to you but i am a big fan of the fair. it has been an end of the summer tradition for as long as i can remember. my grandpa is a director of our country fair and this results in a lot of free stuff so this is a big reason i am big fan. but i also love the animals, eating food you don’t eat any other time of the year and the local feel of being at the fair. lots of good memories. we haven’t been in town at this time in several years so this was the kids premiere of the “fair tradition”. i am proud to say that are in love as well.

4. i just finished the help by kathryn stockett. i haven’t read a fiction book in forever but this was a great one to start with. i really enjoyed it. the characters were created so well, i learned a lot about the 1960’s time period. this book grabbed my attention. if you are looking for an easy but thoughtful read i would recommend this book. have you read anything good lately? i am in a reading mood now.

5. did you know that starbucks started offering pumpkin spice lattes this week?!? yay! oh yes, fall i am ready for you!

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