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5 on Friday

We have been busy over here. Here is what we’ve been up to!

1. T-ball season has started and Mason is so excited because he not only gets to play on a real team but he gets to do with it his cousin Austin. Wow. Can’t say that I ever thought I would see the day when my son and my nephew would be playing T-ball together. It was great to be standing next to my husband and my brother watching our boys play. Awwww…made my heart full. Now on to baseball talk…Mase is a little all star. He loves playing, gets frustrated when we doesn’t catch every that is hit. He runs all over the infield attempting to catch any ball that is hit. We haven’t quite grasped the concept of staying in your position. Him and Austin are quite the duo out there and are so fun to watch. Go Rock Cats! Yeah, I don’t understand the name either.

2. We have signed up for the summer reading program at the local library. The children’s section is awesome and they have all kinds of fun things to do for the kids besides picking from a huge selection of books. This week they had a tshirt painting for everyone. We forgot our tshirts so last minute we got plain hankerchiefs. The boys made pirate flags and the girls made blankies for the babies. Although it was slightly chaotic doing our projects the kids had fun!

3. We also went swimming at Baylor Beach. It’s a man made pond with all kinds of slides, fountains and things to climb on. It’s clean, cheap and close. Yeah, we are going to be spending a lot time there I think. The kids LOVED it! And I did too:)

4. A fun treat for me was going shopping with my sister-in-law. She needed a new dress for a wedding and I needed a swim suit. Not an easy task. But I am happy to say we came home successful! But really how can it not be a success when you have your parents watching all 6 kids and we get to be out alone. I had a great time. Thanks Ang! And mom and dad for manning the troops!

5. While we were busy here Brian took a quick trip to Virginia to meet with the head of the military ministry of Campus Crusade. Pretty cool, huh? He did some consulting for them on how to use the internet more effectively within their ministry. These are the amazing opportunities Brian has with his new position.

And now it’s time to relax a bit for the weekend. We have another full week ahead of us@

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  1. ohhhhh, Baylor Beach looks great. Perhaps this should be our meetup site for Hufstetler/Barela hang-out, or I was also thinking McBurney’s backyard (but I guess we have to be invited). 😉

  2. Aubrey says

    Either is a great option! Of course you are invited. I want to spend every minute with you while you’re in town. You will probably have to awkwardly tell me that is enough Aubs:)

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