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5 on Friday

1.Last weekend as I mentioned was our marathon weekend of celebration: time in Chico with our family pictures, bridal showers, baby showers, special time with friends and students. Whew! It was fun but we were tired at the end. I think it took us till Tuesday to recover. I wanted to share a recipe I made for the baby shower. They are called Oreo bon bons. They are yummy, simple and a hit with everyone.

  • Mix a package of crushed Oreos with package of softened cream cheese.
  • Roll them into golf ball sized balls and chill them for 10 minutes or so in the freezer.
  • When firm dunk them in melted chocolate and return to freezer to hardened.
  • I added sprinkles just to make them extra fun.

2. Our family pictures went great! Our photographer was Kimberly Stone who is new to Chico. She was fun, easy going and very creative. We loved her and can’t wait to see our pictures, hopefully next week. Here is a sneak peek!

3. Last week I made a purchase that was out of necessity. A sober reality. A sign of the times I guess. I am getting older. *sigh* Out of nowhere a couple weeks ago my left heel started bothering me, to the point where I couldn’t walk without limping badly. Running was out the door. I concluded that I have plantar fascitis. Basically it’s just inflammation from over use, going barefoot a lot and wearing super cute non supportive shoes. Guilty as charged. With the hot weather approaching I new I wasn’t going to be wanting to wear supportive shoes like my running shoes everywhere so I purchased a nice, supportive pair of flip flops. To be honest they aren’t the most attractive, trendy pair of shoes. But they do the job and I’m able to run again. I wear them in the house all the time and occasionally out and about. I figure if I do this then when the time comes for a cute pair of shoes my feet can handle it.  That’s my story of my body getting older and my “orthopedic” flip flops:)

4. After 5 years of giving talks on many Wednesday nights at Chico Cru Brian gave his final talk. It was a bittersweet time. Tears of joy in what God has done and tears of sadness in what we are leaving were shed. It is an amazing experience leaving somewhere we feel so loved and where God is working in great ways! I had the privilege of being there as he spoke for the the last time. He delivered it very well. With much grace, humor and wisdom. I must say over the past 5 years my husband has become quite the speaker. He really is enjoyable to listen to. I walked away being challenged myself to look up and forward. When so often our tendency is to look down and back. I am so proud of Brian.

5. Dare I say it? The girl are potty trained. They haven’t been in diapers (excluding nights) in the last 2 weeks and have had few accidents. We’ve even had several days of NO accidents! Wow. I’m still holding my breath, waiting for a backslide but I think we are over the major hump. Whew! sigh of relief:) Now I’m either toting a portable pink potty with us in our car or noting where the bathrooms are in each store!

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