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5 on Friday

1. This week we talked about the letter “X” in preschool. One of the favorite activities we did was making the letter “X” with their bodies. They loved it! Mr. Mason is in the upper left.

2. The reality of moving in 6 weeks+lots of emotions+the stress of figuring out the details of moving+getting a cold+a challenging week as a parent=a tired, emotionally drained Mommy. Seeing a rainbow this week reminded of the many promises I have in God to hold on to. Now if I could just figure out how to have this hanging over my head at all times.

3. Mason has a new interest these days. ANYTHING SPACE! This is really fun for me because I remember as a kid I was really interested in space as well. I also enjoy this new interest because that means his first love, Star Wars, gets a break. I’ll just be honest I’m not a fan of Star Wars. Haven’t seen any of the movies and up until this point knew nothing about it. I have tried to like it, really I have. I have learned something about Luke Skywalker and his buddies. But truly it is only for the love of my son that I act any what interested in what he is telling me. I digress. I like the new topic these days of space. I love that it is challenging and intriguing him. As of right now he is someday going to the moon!


5. This weekend I am going to the Chico State women’s retreat. I have been to many women’s retreat but I have not been to a Chico State one. I’m usually at home with the kids. This being my last year I made a great effort to make sure I could go. I’m really looking forward to hanging out with the girls and getting away. Yeah to girls time!

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