Take Heart


There are certain times in your life that you just know beyond the shadow of a doubt that God’s hand was in that situation. When you felt like you were drowning, barely keeping your head above water, you can confidently say “Yes! I know He was right there with me”. You look back and see the different pieces of the puzzle that were once scattered all over but now fit perfectly together in something very beautiful.


take heart I am sharing my story on my friend Darcy’s blog~Message in a Mason Jar as a part of her Take Heart series. Darcy is an amazing writer who I am always encouraged by with her heartfelt posts. On Tuesdays during the series, she’ll invite you to link up with your own Take Heart story based on the theme of the week (1- Growing a Family, 2- Romance, 3- Kinship/Community, and 4- Self-Care/Wholeness). On Thursdays, along with the story shared, we’ll offer fun and thoughtful giveaways that will encourage you to take heart in your own struggles. Go check it out and read the rest of my story!

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  1. We had two rough days, but after that baby and I were both sleeping again. a0And I emgreed from my sleep-deprived fog with a lot more empathy for moms who make different parenting choices than I do. In fact, I called that one of the smartest things I did in 2011.

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