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tis the season.

Hope you are all enjoying this special time with family and friends. We are loving this time together as a family to celebrate a season of joy and newness of the new year approaching. Soaking in every minute! merry christmas and happy new year!

christmas at the barelas.

This is our first Christmas in this house. I was so excited to decorate and try new things. As I was unpacking decorations I had not seen in two years I realized that I was getting tired of most of my stuff so I got on good old Pinterest and got some inspiration.  I love […]

pinterest love for Christmas.

I am feeling the love and excitement for Christmas on Pinterest. Here are some ideas I have found that I would like to incorporate somewhere in our home this season. Come next weekend the the decorating begins! Fa la la la la la! Have a great weekend! And happy pinning! Source: via Aubrey on […]

10 years and counting.

Yesterday Brian and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. So much has happened in that span of time. Kids, jobs, several different states. We have changed a lot, grown a lot and lived a lot in those 10 years. In honor of our wonderful 10 years together here are 10 things that have surprised me […]

lots o’ love.

a little mothers day recap for you… our plans to go to ohio to be with my family, specifically my momma changed last minute due to me being sick. normally i’m all in for traveling, even for a quick 24 hour trip like this would have been. but when my body gave me a loud […]

back to business

we had a wonderful time celebrating the christmas season, the birth of our savior and bringing in the new year. we slept in some, we took a break from school, we played with new toys, we watched a lot of christmas movies, we baked, decorated and ate a lot of cookies, we skipped naps, we […]

thanksgiving traditions.

Originally posted 11/26/09 I’m a girl who is loyal, all about family and loves traditions. There are certain times of the year when I do certain things that I’ve been taught, that have been passed down through the years and that are special to me. There are things that my mom did when she was […]

a halloween story.

Once there was a Clone Trooper and 2 princesses who were on a mission to fill their buckets with as much candy as they could hold by using The Force and their magic princess powers… and because they were unbelievably cute they had 2 bodyguards dressed up as their mom and dad to protect them […]

and here we are…

Nine years ago today my life literally took a major change of direction…in more ways than one. I headed west to live my brand new husband. We had an amazing ceremony that was sweet and meaningful and everything I imagined and more. We had a reception that was the best party I’ve ever been to, […]