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Showcase Yourself!

If your kids are like mine they make ALOT of crafts and special projects in a short amount of time. And of course they ALL are VERY IMPORTANT! Of course I don’t want to just throw them away (at least not right away) but I also don’t want 27 princess watercolor pictures and every rocket math test taped to my wall. So I saw something on Pinterest and then added my own little twist and came up with this.


I picked up these three frames at Goodwill for $2-$3. I painted them with colors I had on hand. I bought 3 clipboards at Michaels for $3 each. I thought the clipboards needed a little something so I added a little color with some decorative tape that you’ll find in any craft store. I hung the frames first then centered the clipboards. Note: Make sure you buy frames big enough for the clipboards to fit inside. Here’s a close up of Kaia’s.


The idea is that each child has their own clipboard. They can hang whatever special picture they want on their board. When they want to change it we decide whether it’s a keeper in Mommy’s special box (I like to save some of their stuff) or if we are done with it. This is done with gentle nudging one way or the other. Or sometimes I just don’t know where papers went, if you know what I mean. My attempt is to eliminate the piles of papers that inevitably gather around the house. We’ll see if my idea works. In the meantime I think this is a cute way to display their work and it gives them some ownership over their own board.

Oh and if you are wondering, that picture of Kaia’s is of Mason, Theia and herself with a sunshine and rainbow. That is her first rainbow she drew by herself. Big time. Very proud.

How do you handle all of the special projects in your house?

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  1. Love this idea Aubrey! Great way to show the kids we care about what they do. ~ Blessings out, Amy

  2. We use clipboards too! I bought some clear ones and taped striped wrapping paper to the back of them for a fun look. That way, I can change the “background” when I get bored with it. The frame idea is super classy, though. Love the artwork!

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