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preparing for fall.

Fall is my favorite time of the year for lots of reasons. One reason is because I like the way my house looks when it’s decorated for fall. It’s extra cozy and comfy with the warm colors of orange, mustard and deep reds and browns. I like to change the look for the season mostly using what I already have and regrouping items. No need to buy new. I do have some fall decorations they are minimal so it was a real bummer when I couldn’t find half of them today when I was decorating. They’ve been in a box somewhere for 2 years so your guess is as good as mine. I did find some and managed a few changes here and there. Then I decided to get resourceful and send my worker bees aka Theia and Kaia out into the yard to gather some supplies. I did some work using a couple of the branches in our yard and the bountiful harvest of acorns that are scattered everywhere. The squirrels are probably not too happy with us stealing their winter food but I am pretty satisfied with the results. Glass jars, acorns and sticks…pretty easy and cheap. So like I said for now this will do. It’s a work in progress until Thanksgiving…then Christmas decorations will make their entry!





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  1. just decorated for Fall as well, always think of you for some reason! Love that you got married in Fall as well, what a gorgeous day it was for you two!

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