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pinterest love.

Here are some things on the great and fabulous pinterest that caught my eye this week.

Source: via Aubrey on Pinterest

I made this for dinner this week and it was a-maz-ing! I’m a big mac n cheese fan so that helps but seriously very easy and very delicious!

Source: via Aubrey on Pinterest

Thinking about doing this for the girls birthday in 2 weeks…yeah gotta get on the ball…


Possible birthday gift for the girls??? Looks pretty simple but very cute!

Source: via Aubrey on Pinterest

I would wear this every day if I had it… love it. Especially the TOMS.

Source: via Aubrey on Pinterest


Ok maybe I would alternate between this outfit as well. Love it too.

Another idea for girls, probably not for birthday. Limited on time but maybe Christmas?
Super cute!

What are you finding that inspires you lately on pinterest? Would love to share ideas!

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  1. These are adorable! I made one out of two this year. My son is 101 Dalmatian osebssed so I made him a Lucky Costume . Can’t wait to see him in it. After three nights of failed attempts at a reproduction, I gave up on making Spider Girl and ordered the costume online. Not thrilled with the quality, but the way things were looking the homemade route, it can’t be too much worse!Have a great Halloween. Your costumes are fabulous!

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