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Olympics 2012 baby!

2012 London Olympic Logo
That’s right, the Olympics start tonight! And I’m super excited. SUPER EXCITED people!

The stories, the underdogs, the unity, the celebrations, our whole country doing something together, the upsets, the athletes and their determination to get there. Yep, it all gets me.

Over the course of the next 2 weeks several things will happen in our home:

1. The tv will be on alot, ALOT more than usual and probably will only be on one station. Meals will be eaten in front of the tv, it’s probably what I fall asleep to on the couch each night.
2. Tears will be shed. Oh, yes. When it comes to sports and seeing people achieve their goals it’s all over for me. Yes, I will be crying multiple times.
3. There will be a variety of sports attempted in our living room. Whatever sport is on, I know the kids will be performing it. Ok, probably me too.
4. I will relive the glory days of me being a gymnast and silently wish I was right there with Team USA.
5. I will once again remind Brian that going to the Olympic is on “my list” of things to do someday. Never say never.

So are you feeling it? Are you excited to cheer on your country and overdose in this great sporting event that only comes around every four years!?! I hope so!








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  1. you know it’s on our bucket list too!!! i think it’s only natural that we go together!

  2. Sam Mockford says

    Yes! Go, team USA!!!

    It’s great to meet someone else whose tear ducts also go into hyperdrive at the sound of the Olympic theme song :)

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