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Letting go and trusting.

From the moment he arrived it was all new. Some things just fell into place, like I was always meant to know and love this little person. Other things, it was trial and error. He has been our little guinea pig from the start. New parents figuring out how to do all this “parenting stuff”. But from moment one he needed me. He needed me to do it all for him. Feed him, bathe him, keep him warm, cut his toenails, wipe his nose. Love and care for him in every possible way. He needed me to figure all this “parenting stuff” out. He relied on me. And I loved that feeling.

Now he is 6. And the “little boy” in him is starting to leave. Just slowly, but I see it happening. And I’ll be honest, it scares me. He doesn’t need me like he used to. Even though we are buying new jeans every 3 months it seems his independence is growing faster than anything. He wants to figure things out on his own. Try new things…with out his mama.

I am learning that though he may not need me like he used to. But he still needs me. He now needs me in new ways. He needs encouragement, needs to be trusted, to be heard, confidence, truth, lots of grace and lots of love. Yes, he needs me in new ways.

As he slowly pulls away from me I pull more closely to the One who has given him to us. For I know He has him. He is always watching, protecting, guiding. He’s got him in ways I never had or ever will. As he turns to figure things out on his own I do my best to point him in the right direction of Him. I slowly let go and trust more.

I also treasure the times when he still climbs up into my lap and wants to snuggle. When he gets hurts and only wants me to help fix it, when he needs that extra security and comfort from his mama.

Oh this letting go and trusting thing is hard. I have a feeling it will only get harder. But I know that is what he needs. To be let go. To be trusted. To be pushed in the most graceful way.  I know it is what I need to. But he will always be my little boy.

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I'm a wife to 1 amazing husband. A mom to 1 little dude and 2 girlie girls. A follower of the ONE who saved me. A daughter to 2 wonderful people. A sister to 1. A friend to many. A runner because that's what I do to keep from not going crazy. And the CEO of this little part of the world we call home.


  1. I know this is hard stuff, Aubrey, this letting go. I have two daughters here (one in heaven), and I keep having to let each of them go, regardless of their age.

    I’m so thankful that we never have to be let go by God!

  2. I know exactly what you mean. My only son (my middle child, sandwiched between two girls!) just turned 8. There’s something about boys that hold a mother’s heart. I treasure every moment he still wants to hold my hand, have me at his class parties and wrap me in his big bear hugs. It’s hard to think that might not always be the case. Letting go is hard…but you’re right. Our boys (and girls!) will always need us, just in different ways. I enjoyed your post!

  3. I don’t envy you! I have two little one’s that still need me (3 and 2) I can only guess how hard it must be for you. You’re right in always clinging to the great Father! I guess even I need to do that all the time for different reasons. Thanks for sharing! and I pray God continues to make Himself known to you during this transitional time

  4. What a balancing act – the letting go, the praying, the trusting. I still have’t figured it all out yet. But I love your heart girl. And he is absolutely the cutest boy!

    Praying God does a mighty work in His life!

    So glad you joined us today!

  5. Thanks Christina for the comment and for the prayers! Yes, as moms we are always clinging to Him no matter what!

  6. Ok well if you figure it out before, since you are a little further ahead of me let me know! Thanks for reading and commenting Stacey! And thank you for your prayers:)

  7. It’s good to start letting go early and trusting God because it definitely is an ongoing process that jumps by leaps and bounds as the years progress. If you begin now and let go in love, it will be much easier as your children turn into young men and women.


  8. It’s so hard to let go and trust them to the One who cares for them better than we ever could. My oldest is 20 and is becoming more independent every day. My youngest is 8. His heart is still tender towards me and I want to do everything I can to keep him this way. These moments will not last.

  9. My oldest is 6 as well! Funny, cause I have been enjoying his independence. I think I have been in such a tired, tired stage for so long, that it is a breath of fresh air to have him want to do thing on his own, and actually become my biggest helper.

    But, there is a bit of the bittersweet moments of realizing that he is no longer my baby, or even my little boy. He is a big boy now!

    Thanks for sharing. Love the picture!

    Thanks for linking up! (You’re getting pretty good at this link-up thing,,,hahaha)

  10. Oh don’t get me wrong I am loving those moments of independence as well. It is all bittersweet! I’m so glad I am doing the Write it Girl! It’s encouraging me to step out of my box a bit and like you said I know how to do this “linky thing” :)

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