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Fall fall fallin for you.

Fall has arrived on our mantle in the form of 3 special little punkins.
We welcomed in Fall this weekend with beautiful weather in true Fall fashion. Bright blue skies, warm sun but with nip in air. It’s chilly enough in the mornings to be snuggled up in Brian’s well worn UCLA sweatshirt while I warm my hands around my cup of coffee. Mmmmm, I love Fall. I decorated a for Fall a bit. Mostly with the small bag of pumpkins I picked up at Target last week and the acorns I got from my front yard. Simplicity is my friend. I also tried some new Fall recipes I wanted to share. Got them from Pinterest. I made pumpkin oatmeal pancakes. These were okay. I didn’t have enough pumpkin so that probably made a difference and honestly these just need some sugar for my taste. Still, I will make them again with my own additions:)


I also made these pumpkin doughnut muffins. Pure amazingness. Nothing healthy about these puppies. Just yummy. And for a lazy Saturday morning they were perfect! It makes a dozen. Surprisingly we had 5 left over that I was planning on saving for the next morning. Then the girls decided to have a bake sale at sell them at the end of our driveway. They made $2, were more than thrilled and I was saved from consuming another muffin of mostly butter and sugar that I didn’t really need. Win. Win. Win. I guess?

Muffins for sale. Muffins for sale. Melt my heart.
Seriously, with their pink princess cash register and everything. Melt me.

How are you welcoming in Fall this year?

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  1. Sorry. Yes, Fall is here and I am loving it! I will make the most of it so you can enjoy too!

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