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Are You Ready For Summer?


Last night was a monumental occasion in our family: We took a family bike ride and ALL 5 OF US were on our own bikes! The girls have officially (and safely) mastered bike riding! They’ve got the starts, stops and turns down like champs so we ventured out on a big loop around our neighborhood. It was a surreal moment for Brian and I as we watched all 3 of our kids riding ahead of us on their own.

It made me think what a fun summer this will be as our kids are more and more independent and can do “big kid” things. With all this said I would be lying if I said I still wasn’t nervous about 3 months of 3 kids home all day, everyday. Yes, as much as that little truth excites me to have all that time with my kiddos it also makes my heart beat a little faster and I start to get sweaty armpits.

“What are we going to do?!?”

Well I am happy to say I have answer. And not just for myself but for YOU too! My friend Jen (QuatroMama) is launching a new ebook today that is all about having fun this summer with your family. This book gives you 50 ideas to make the most of your time with your kids!

What Memories Will You Make With The Summers They Have Left?

7 Reasons You’ll Love This ebook:

  1. 50 Simple Ideas to Get Outdoors & Connect With Your Child

  2. Promotes Hands-On-Learning, Creativity, & Active Adventures

  3. Frugal Fun for the Family

  4. Suitable Ideas for Kids Ages Preschool to Preteen

  5. Clearly Outlined Step-by-Step Ideas

  6. Seasonal Suggestions for Every Climate

  7. Additional Printables, Diagrams, and Resources

Friends, there are so many creative, active, hands-on-learning activities packed into these pages… plenty of adventures to keep you busy all summer long! No need to be intimidated, spend a lot of money, or take a wilderness survival course. ~Jen aka QuatroMama

I know this book will be my “go to” book when the kids say on Day 2 of summer “I’m bored, what are we going to do today?”

I’m excited to jump in to our summer with a great plan! Won’t you join me? 


                   Buy now for $4.99!

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  1. Looks awesome!! I’m SO IN!! And… you said “armpits”! Lol!!

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