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all about purity.

As I have mentioned before some of our favorite music to listen to are the Seeds Family Worship CD’s. We have several of them and listen to them regularly. In fact, Mason listens to one of them each night at bedtime. And you know what the coolest part is? When I hear the kids singing the songs on their own because each song is scripture set to music. Yes, it is nice to hear your kids singing scripture. It beats the arguing, complaining and drama that comes in between the songs of worship!

Seeds Family Worship has just released a new album out all about Purity. You can check it out here as well as purchase a CD of your own. Along with the CD there is a pledge for parents to take. The pledge helps us all take a look at how purity in our children starts with purity throughout our homes. Every person who takes the pledge receives a free song from Purity and a free devotional download from the Passport2Purity curriculum by FamilyLife.

Take the pledge!

This is something we are going to do in our home and I would encourage you and your family to do the same! Click on the link above on for more info about the purity pledge and how to get your free download from the new album.

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