5 Photos from Our Staff Conference

francis chanListening to Francis Chan teach about Jesus’ holiness and awesome grace. Aubrey and I were humbled as we listened to Francis share about how worthy Jesus is of our lives.

He’s also hilarious!








tweetdeckI oversaw the “Tweetdeck,” a group of five staff members who monitored what people were saying on Twitter and Facebook about the conference, and shared it with our emcees and speakers.

Staff in the audience could text in their questions for the speakers, and we would take the best ones and share them with the speakers.

Backstage, one of our emcees would interview the speaker and get the answers to their questions. It was a really cool way to incorporate technology into our conference!






During our day off we had a chance to take a bike ride down the Poudre River. It was so relaxing and refreshing to ride along the river!










I led two, two-hour seminars at the conference on social media. One was an overview of social media with tips and tactics for being more effective in ministry.

The other was how to use social media to communicate more effectively with those that financially support Campus Crusade staff members.

So many of our staff have positions of influence on universities across the country and around the world through global partnerships. It’s a privilege to be able to empower and equip them with training that will ultimately lead to them being more effective more Christ!.



With over 5,000 Campus Crusade staff in attendance, worship was AMAZING! Two popular Christian bands performed for us: 10th Avenue North and The David Crowder Band.

Aubrey and I were inspired as we worshipped with 5,000 other people. Our hearts were encouraged knowing that all of us are seeking the same goal but living out the goal in so many different ways, and reaching so many different people.




  1. John Havens says

    Thanks for the pictures and great to hear the conference went well.

    God bless,
    John Havens

  2. Brian Barela says

    thanks John! we had a great time but are glad to be back home!

  3. Stephanie Roos says

    Loved hearing about the conference and how God is blessing your family and ministry!
    Peace in Christ,
    Stephanie Roos

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