5 on friday
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5 on friday.

House number 5 - Pécs Hungary
1. A couple weeks ago the girls had a neighbor friend over for a playdate. It was their first time having a friend over with out the mommy staying. So it was a BIG deal. They loved that they were getting to do something like big brother. The 3 girls got along so well. They had so much fun together. Here is a picture of the 3 little princesses.

2. Tomorrow I am running in a local half marathon. I wasn’t planning on it but I got a free spot so it was hard to pass up. Good for the marathon training! As long as it isn’t thunderstorms (40% chance) I think it will be a great race. So if you are a local and see a bunch runners tomorrow morning running around look for me!

3. Last week Mase took on his first job. He got a new wallet and wanted some money to put in it. Smart boy. Don’t we all? He bravely went over to our neighbors and asked if he could pick up their sticks. After 1 1/2 hours of hard work he earned $10! I was so proud of him for taking the initiative to find a job and for completing it all by himself. Watch out world, Mase is on the prowl to make some money! Next up, lemonade stand.

4. Tonight we have a date night! We are not ones to have date nights scheduled on a regular basis. We just aren’t in the season of life to be able to do that. We’ve accepted that. So when it does happen we take full advantage of it and truly appreciate it! Tonight I am looking forward to some yummy food and uninterrupted convo with Mr. Barela.

5. As I have mentioned before our friends Jenni and Andy are traveling to South Africa for a 2 week missions trip. They will be working with AIDS orphans. Today she hosted some friends and their kids to make cards to take with her and share with the kids they will meet in S. Africa. I am really excited to be able share in yet another way of their trip. And have the kids involved. Someday I would like to able to do something similar. For now I am vicariously living through Jenni!


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