Alisha Sharing Her Faith


“Although she was already a believer, it was pretty cool to be able to teach someone else how to use a tool to help others come to Christ. I
never thought I would be teaching someone, but there I am. Personally when I start sharing, I get into a different mind set. I get all excited and I feel very passionate about what I am doing. Sarah, the girl I was talking to even said that she could tell just by my voice and the way I looked that I was very passionate about what I was talking about.”

Alisha became involved in Campus Crusade at Chico State just this year, and it’s amazing to see her already teaching others how to share their faith. This is the part of being involved in Campus Crusade that we love–seeing students lives changed and then watching them participate in changing others lives!

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  1. Hi Ryan and Beth, I had met you both this past summer (as I was maid of honor at Kylie and Lane Roths wedidng) anyways I have just had my little girl and decided to not go back teaching and want to get back into photography. I checked out your website to see about any workshops since a friend told me that you sometimes have them and to my disapointment I just missed a couple. Will you be having anymore in the near future? Thanks so much!Shellaine Ulmer

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